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A Free Online Tool to Compress JPG / JPEG Images for reducing file sizes. Choose any JPG or JPEG images of any filesizes from your desktop, laptop or mobile. Set your output filesize from 1% to 99% as per your requirement. Then click on "Compress Image". Instantly you will see before compress image and after compress image. If you satisfy, download it. That's all. Done.

60% Compression

How to compress JPG or JPEG image

  1. Choose any JPG or JPEG image what you want to compress.
  2. Click on Compress Image and the Uploading will start.
  3. The JPG or JPEG image will automatically be compressed and you will see preview of before and after compress images.
  4. If you satisfy, download the Image.
  5. To reset the image, click on "Home" button or do nothing. Reset automatically done when next image is uploaded. .